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Food Program

Infant and Toddler Nutrition


Children under the age of one year must be served formula or breast milk.  Nursing mother’s are welcome to come and nurse their infant or bring in properly stored breast milk for us to serve.  Bottles or bags of breast milk should be clearly labeled with both the child’s name and the date the milk was expressed.


Each child will have a basket labeled with his/her name.  Formula and baby food may be stored in that basket.  Baby food will be introduced per parent instruction.  


Table foods will be introduced as instructed by each child’s parents.  Weekly snack menus are posted in the infant room.  Menus may be adjusted when food items are not appropriate for the chewing skills of infant’s and toddlers.  Each child’s daily food intake will be recorded on their daily sheet and will be sent home with parents each day.


Little Pilgrims does supply an iron-fortified formula, infant cereal, and pureed baby food.  When it age appropriate breakfast, lunch, and a snack are provided.


Pre-school Nutrition


A nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack is served daily.  Milk, fruit juices, fruit, whole grain breads and crackers will consistently be available.  Snacks will meet the USDA requirements for nutritional content.


Food Allergies


If your child has known food allergies, please inform the staff.  If your child requires a special diet, you will be expected to provide the necessary foods.


All food allergies will be posted in the classroom and eating areas so that everyone is made aware.  Parents will be asked to provide us with a written course of action in the event of accidental ingestion or contact with the food allergen.  If accidental ingestion occurs, we will follow this course of action and contact the child’s parent immediately.

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