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6 weeks-approx 12 months


Little Pilgrims' Christian Learning Center is a Christian child care center as well as a preschool.  Our mission is to teach children about Christ and to have faith in God.  We do this through bible stories, songs, prayers, and celebrate the meanings behind Christian holidays.  We use every possible opportunity to teach God’s love.


We implement a thematic, play-based curriculum, using the Creative Curriculum as a foundation. Each teacher designs the curriculum for their classroom.  It corresponds with weekly and monthly themes implemented throughout the center.  These themes are age-appropriate and inspire songs, stories, activities, art projects, etc.  Math, literacy, and science are also incorporated into each lesson.


Each child develops socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually at their own pace and in their own way.  We embrace their individuality and we adapt to each child’s individual learning style and developmental ability.


approx 1 year-apprrox 2 years



approx 2.5 years-approx 3.5



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approx 2 years-approx 2.5 years


Assistant Teachers

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approx 3.5 years-4K

Little Pilgrims Christian Learning Center relies on our Assistant Teachers to provide continuous and quality care. We're thankful for their dedication.

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Miss Devora

Miss Marcia

Miss Michelle

Miss Vickie

Hi, I’m Miss Vickie! I am an assistant teacher here at Little Pilgrims. I have worked here for a little over a year now and I love working with children! I spend most of my time assisting in the toddler room with The Honeybees.


I have a husband named Paul and 3 beautiful daughters named Brenda, Laura and Marcia. I actually found out about this position through my daughter who works here as well, Miss Marcia!


I love working with your children and helping them to learn new skills!


Outside of work, I volunteer for Days for Girls which puts my sewing skills to good use.